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Ana Sayfa

Tolstoy My Confession excerpt

fazıl say

İnsan İnsan Dedikleri
İnsan insan dedikleri
İnsan nedir şimdi bildim
Can can deyü söylerlerdi
Ben can nedir şimdi bildim

Kendisinde buldu bulan
Bulmadı taşrada kalan
Müminin kalbinde olan
İman nedir şimdi bildim

Bir kılı kırk yardıkları
Birin köprü kurdukları
Erenler gösterdikleri
Erkan nedir şimdi bildim

Sıfat ile zat olmuşum
Kadr ile berat olmuşum
Hak ile vuslat olmuşum
Mihman nedir şimdi bildim

Muhiddin der Hak kadir
Görünür herşeyde hazır
Ayan nedir pinhan nedir
Nişan nedir şimdi bildim

Muhiddin Abdal

The word ‘Black Earth’ is commonly used to describe the grave and death itself and very unlikely a friend. Aşık Veysel who wrote this song was a blind Turcic bard. His agnomen ‘Aşık’ means ‘Lover’.
He had married with a woman from his hometown and lived in a small village. After a while his wife fell in love with another man, and then she decides to run away. Because Aşık Veysel was blind, she choses to sneak out in the late night, she grabs her stuff and starts to run to her lover. After long hours of running, she feels something different in her shoes, she takes them off and finds all of Aşık Veysel’s money with a pinned note. Note had been written by Veysel and says; ”I give you the money without hesitation, where ever you are going right now, do not let anyone to oppress you… And don’t forget that your beauty is worthless without my love.”

Aşık Veysel sees the ‘Black Earth’ as if it is the only true friend of him. Also, in Turkish believes, people come from the earth and they will go back to the earth again. If you listen this song carefully, you will figure out that it resembles this phenomenon. First parts repsent his loneliness, our birth 0:01 and the energetic parts (2:05) stand for ‘life’ itself, then everything goes back to the earth as it always does (3:50). With all my hearth, may he is rest in peace. (1894-1973)

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