Jeanneau sun 2000 6.2 m

l 6.64 m
6.16 m
w 2.55 m
w 1.250 kg
360 kg
sail 23.1 m2
main sail 14.1 m2
cenova 9 m2
balon 32m2


ekrem inözü    100bin mil

sadun boro

teoman arsay







From which country do the best sailors come?

6 Answers

Sean R. Wilson

Sean R. Wilson

Sean R. Wilson

Sean R. Wilson, 20+ Years of day dreaming, playing in, around and on boats.

Answered Jan 10, 2017

Having read the previous answers I’d say they’re all correct. I’ve got incredible respect for the French who seem to churn out some really daring sailors who do really well in open ocean events like the Vendee Globe. But you can’t ignore the Brits who also put out excellent sailors and the the Aussies & Kiwis who are also world class.

“What about the Americans?” you may ask. Sure, there’ve been some really good American sailors, just watch the Volvo Ocean Race and you’ll see teams featuring many of them.

Now those are all modern sailors. Going back into history, without a doubt it would be the Polynesians followed by the Scandinavian Vikings. Those guys set out in open boats with nothing but starts, winds and currents to guide them and they made incredible journeys.

Remember, the Polynesians made it all the way to Easter Island! The Vikings sailed from their homeland along the North Sea, to Iceland, Greenland and even all the way to Newfoundland here in Canada! That’s right, Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first European on North American soil, it was a Viking…AAAaaarrrrgghhhhh !!!!!

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Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett, 3 Yrs Transocean Liveaboard With Family; Cast Off: Lymington, Tied Up: Nassau!

Answered Oct 22

So the question is From which country do the best sailors come?

So let’s define a sailor – surely this should encompass all seafarers on waterborne vessels?

Even before the age of the so-called ‘Great Discoverers’, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Polynesians, Vikings, Arabs and Somalis were all sources of great sailing endeavour for economic trade and warfare reasons.

Their feats are greatly underestimated, especially given the lack of ‘other world’ knowledge, craft, navigation and materials at their disposal.

The Middle Ages brought the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and English sailor explorers and navies, amongst notables the Spanish Armada and its defeat by the British at Trafalgar, the Caribbean and Americas ‘discoveries’, to the fore.

The nineteenth and twentieth century exploits have been greatly progressed through warfare, notably the Anglo-US, WW1, and WW2 – there have, of course, been others.

In modern times, as has been mentioned through other answers (and I particularly liked Alan Horoschak’s), the olympics is one measure of the ‘best’ that is requested – as here: List of Olympic medalists in sailing by discipline – Wikipedia but that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. As neither would the Vendee, Volvo nor the America’s Cup. What about the achievements of the likes of Dame Ellen Patricia MacArthur or Francis Joyon?

I have traveled/sailed to and through some fairly remote, and some not so remote, areas of the world (Madagascar, the Maldives, Hainan, Muscat, Namibia, Martinique, Lake Baikal, Senegal) and encountered some pretty remarkable sailing individuals who, given a level playing field, would have easily competed for a top medal place at any olympics.

So ‘best’? All terribly subjective… all time favourite for selecting a sailor would have been the winner of any Mini Transat 6.50 race, which I have witnessed on a few occasions (not first hand, but very close by!), but as it is primarily competed by French sailors, and now labelled as probably ‘too dangerous’, and the sailors themselves as ‘too crazy’ – that would have made my ‘vote’ for this question to be France………well what can you say.

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Chris Price

Chris Price, Sailed a bit, here and there.

Answered Dec 27, 2016

New Zealand is about the best candidate.

In terms of the ratio of noted sailors to the size of the population, NZ wins by miles. Are they the ‘best’? That always depends on your interpretation of what the term means. To some it would mean race winners or top competitors, to others it would mean competent sailors with a high level of achievement across all types of sailing.

Kiwis have other sailors’ respect, possibly more than any other nation, and that is an important consideration.

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Chuck Hawley

Chuck Hawley, Approx 40K miles at sea on the Pacific and Atlantic. Two singlehanded trips HI.

Answered Dec 27, 2016

There are several really strong countries that produce great sailors. If you were to try to analyze this, I’d probably start with the Olympics, since many great sailors have received a medal in the Olympics, and any country can compete. I think you’d also find that more developed countries did better 50 years ago, and that the results might be more “democratic” in recent years.

The French have been pretty dominant in offshore sailing, especially record setting and singlehanded ocean races.

In professional sailing in classes like the TP52, I think you’d find a disproportionate number of Aussies and Kiwis relative to their populations.


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Paul Brion

Alan Horoschak

Alan Horoschak, 40 years on and under boats, gaff rig to nuclear

Answered Dec 27, 2016

Already are some interesting answers. Probably the best commercial seamen I have met are Scandinavian and Filipino. Best sailors are probably Polynesian as they were born on the water and can sail the open ocean with few pieces of modern convenience. Winning the high dollar America’s Cup means obviously the Americans, but the Whitbread around the world goes frequently to the French. I suppose it all goes to show that the sailing gene has been passed around the world or maybe that the desire to return to the amniotic fluid is in all peoples.

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Paul Brion

Fariborz Zak

Fariborz Zak, former Ship’s captain at Retirement

Answered Dec 27, 2016

Uk philipine ,


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